Doctors Plus will help you
get credentialed
so you can start getting paid.

For every day that you are not credentialed, that’s one more day of lost revenue. Trust the experts at Doctors Plus to get you credentialed timely. Our team is made of experts with years of experience in credentialing and are fully aware of the bottlenecks and how to avoid them to get you credentialed in a timely manner.

Start-up Credentialing

Starting a new practice means ordering equipment, finding office space, hiring personnel, marketing and much more. But, overlooking credentialing can be the single biggest mistake many providers make. If you fail to get credentialed with the health plans, none of the other start-up items matter. Without being credentialed you can’t get paid. Don’t make that mistake. Let the trusted experts at Doctors Plus get you off to the right start!

Credentialing Back Office

Many of our clients come to us wanting a year round solution for their credentialing. Our team can handle CAQH updates, Medicare re-validation, re-credentialing with commercial plans, expirables management and much more. Let us be your credentialing “back office” and remove the worry of maintaining your credentialing.

Contract Negotiations

There are many aspects to consider when negotiating a contract with a health plan. Most providers fail to examine these contracts in detail and settle for the standard language and rates. Let the contract experts at Doctors Plus help you to negotiate the best contract possible for optimal reimbursement.

24/7 Access to your credentialing files with real-time updates!

Every client of Doctors Plus has access to their credentialing status in real time. We use state-of-the-art credentialing software to help us streamline the process and give our clients real-time information about where they are in the credentialing process 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

  • Enrollment in commercial health insurance plans
  • Medicare & Medicaid enrollment & validation
  • Re-credentialing for existing plans
  • CAQH enrollment & quarterly updates
  • Add new providers to existing groups
  • New practice start-up, mergers & acquisitions